The Equipment You Need, Available Now

ROV Remote Operated Vehicle

VacSol equipment is available directly or through most industrial services providers, including industry leaders such as Clean Harbors, Hydrochem, American Environmental, and Munoz Enterprises.


VacSol is continuing to bring innovation to industrial services with our own line of multiple, custom robots that can meet various needs in many environments. Units are able to operate in condemned, partially collapsed, high LEL, in-service and other challenging environments, everywhere from storage tanks, sumps, and barges, to floating roofs.
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Tank Cleaners

Many people in the industry generally refer to these units as “Bean Units” or “Myers Units” after the pumps they generally incorporate. Most of our units have Weatherford pumps that can provide up to 70GPM. With one 3/4″ hose and a JBS spray gun, they operate at about 35GPM and 800PSI.
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Support Equipment

VacSol is committed to providing value for our customers. One of the ways we achieve that is by allowing you to get everything you need for a job in one place, on one PO, and pay with one invoice.
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Vacuum Equipment

These units are the safest way to move volatile materials. The water inside the pump creates the seal, eliminating the need for metal-to-metal contact among moving parts.
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