Robotics Challenge Tough Environments

ROV Remote Operated Vehicle

VacSol is continuing to bring innovation to industrial services with our own line of multiple, custom robots that can meet a variety of needs in many environments. Units are able to operate in condemned, partially collapsed, high LEL, in-service and other challenging environments, everywhere from storange tanks, sumps, and barges, to floating roofs.

Control room for robotic operated vehicle (ROV)

Our ROV’s are remotely operated, hydraulically powered units. The operator controls them from a self contained control trailer while getting live feeds from the UL certified explosion proof light and camera mounted inside the manway.On most jobs, ROV units can be deployed through either a horizontal or vertical manway as small as 24” using our custom fabricated launch cart, without the need for procuring a crane or cutting a doorsheet. Robots are available with a variety of interchangeable head attachments.  Auger heads are more than capable of breaking up and removing multiple material types ranging from slurries to solids.  Cannon attachments act as a mobile water cannon to wash the tank from the inside.  Low-level submersible pumps can be attached to pull solids from the floor with a minimum amount of liquids suctioned.  Metal Rakes, Drag Boxes, Cameras, Hydraulic Arms, and almost any other type of equipment can be fitted on as well. 

Models are available with plastic or metal tracks.  Work can’t be done without getting leverage and traction, and we have the variety of materials available to maximize both.

What really sets these units apart though, is a combination of finesse and power. The units can be maneuvered under and around obstructions with responsive precision controls, yet they have plenty of torque to get the job done.  Check out one of our robots in action below.

Contact us today to find out more about existing or custom robotic solutions and how they can meet the demands of your toughest projects. Also, make sure to check our news feeds often or sign up for automatic news updates as we continue to add new capabilities and features to our robotic line.