Tank Cleaners

Power washers

Many people in the industry generally refer to these units as “Bean Units” or “Myers Units” after the pumps that they generally incorporate. Most of our units have Weatherford pumps that can provide up to 70GPM. With one 3/4″ hose and a JBS spray gun, they operate at about 35GPM and 800PSI. Though the pressure is very low, it is the volume that makes these units tremendously effective. The mass of water allows the stream to maintain pressure much longer than what a smaller volume unit would. With these units we can hit a section of 4×4 lumber at a range of 50 feet and throw it back an additional 10-15 feet. These units will effectively disperse piles of material or knock off and break up large chunks of scale. The extended cleaning range allows the operator to sweep around the tank and clear large areas of debris and/or apply detergent to a large area quickly and easily. With an extended barrel, we routinely have customers who report cleaning tank walls and ceilings without having to erect scaffolding.

In addition to the standard features, we have rebuilt most of our units to incorporate the following upgrades.

Engineered trailer design to provide for optimal tongue weight and smooth trailering.

  • Stainless Steel reservoir which enables the unit to be fully bonded and grounded.
  • Increased diameter and re-routing of plumbing to improve pump performance.
  • Dual supply lines to allow for alternately applying soap and rinse water without having to empty the reservoir.
  • Hydraulic mixing capabilities to allow automated mixing of soap in the reservoir.

Manway Cannons

If this isn’t enough power to handle your job, we have a line of manway cannons, ranging from manually operated units to hydraulic, automated units capable of being used with a sealed manway.